Q. What is Consentsy?

A. Consentsy is a revolutionary platform designed to facilitate a discussion between two consenting parties, prior to any sexual activity.

Q. What do you do with the recordings?

A. Consentsy values your privacy. Videos are securely transported and archived securely. Consentsy will work directly with law enforcement agencies and the court systems if required to supply the video contract as evidence.

Q. How can I retrieve the video contract file?

A. In order to protect the privacy of both parties, we do not share videos with our users based on direct user requests. If a situation arises where the video needs to be supplied as evidence, please instruct your legal representative or law enforcement agency to contact Consentsy. A team will verify the requesting party and work to supply the contractual evidence.

Q. Does using this app guarantee I cannot be accused of sexual misconduct?

A. Consent is a complex thing, and short of bringing your lawyer with you everywhere you go, no one can tell you with certainty that proper consent has been given. Under certain circumstances a person is not able to give consent. When a person is overly intoxicated, has been drugged, is under age, or is, in some manner, not in the right state of mind to make decisions, consent cannot be given. Consent can, similarly, be invalid when a person is forcibly coerced into providing consent. For example, a person would not be able to consent if held at gun-point or if their life, livelihood, or something they hold dear is threatened. Consent can be limited, for example where a person says they are willing to give oral but not have intercourse, if a person were to force intercourse that would exceed the consent given. Consent can also be revoked, meaning a person can say yes but later say no, at which point what is happening should cease and the formerly given consent is no longer valid. In short, no app can guarantee that you have obtained appropriate consent. However, this app can be used to facilitate the conversation with your partner, ensure you are both on the same page, and document your understanding so that if the relationship were to sour:

  1. The parties would be less likely to make claims inconsistent with the recordings; and
  2. If a party did make claims of sexual misconduct, the recording could be used to rebut those claims.

Safe sex has long been something that partners have been encouraged to discuss. Part of any safe sex conversation should include consent and Consentsy.